Author: Jen Armstrong

Have Yourself a Merry Vegan Christmas…

Well beautiful people, you made it. This has been a big year for so many, and for so many reasons.

On a personal level, I have never experienced so much self growth. This comes with a continued learning of the truths of the world, acknowledging that we have both good and evil in existence. I am grateful to now be aware of this evil, it has fed the fire in me to create peace on earth, to bring goodness to this world and to shine a light for love and compassion. It has also brought understanding as to why the world is so fucked up… why people are so fucked up, which has helped me on my compassion journey, understanding generational trauma and the propaganda and lies generations before us have been subject to (and that we are certainly very much subject to now every second of every day having the internet at our fingertips). 

It has been a massive year for my music. I released my debut album ‘Freedom Warrior’ and toured the songs throughout the summer around the UK at festivals, venues, sanctuaries, restaurants and other events. It has been a glorious time and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities and all the beautiful souls I’ve met along the way.

2022 has been the first year of my life I haven’t had a conventional ‘home,’ opting out of the corrupt system to a degree by living in my van ‘Freeda the Freedom Van.’ We are all slaves to a system that is rigged to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. We live under a deceitful, corrupt government, and I say NO. HELL no. We are slowly waking up and the tables will turn – we WILL see peace on earth.

I leave you with my Christmas song, a cover with a vegan twist of the beautiful classic ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’ Why am I vegan? I dislike labels… ‘Vegan’ is another way of saying ‘lover of all animals’. Being vegan means you opt out of causing animals pain and discomfort. Which I know in my heart is something we all innately want. It’s only through conditioning, brainwashing, and propaganda that we turn away from this instinct of love and compassion. Society tells us eating ‘meat’ (dead animal flesh – funny they don’t call it what it is) is good for us. How can enslaving billions of innocent sentient beings possibly be good for us? How can that possibly be good for us on a karmic level? I have come to the realisation that whatever we put out in to the world comes back to us. If we continue to pay in to a business that thrives on oppression, exploitation and death, that is what we are bringing in to the world and for ourselves. 

Veganism isn’t some new age trendy fad. It is innately who we are, it is love and compassion, and it is the only way to win the war against the evil that is very much in existence today. Please help me combat this evil and say no to killing. Say no to slavery. Say no to hurting others when THERE IS NO EXCUSE to keep doing it. 

I send you so much love. Have a wonderful festive period and keep warm and cosy with your loved ones, non-human and human. And I look forward to sharing my music with you in 2023 – it’s going to be an epic year.

VQV x 

Freedom Warrior CD

I’m excited to announce the CDs and posters have now arrived and will be making their way to their owners very very soon! If you would like a CD please head to Much love everyone x


I’m so excited to share the news that the wonderful artist Susan Steenhuis from the Netherlands is designing the front cover for my album.

I first came across Susan’s work in 2020 when The Art of Compassion Project held a fundraising Art Poster Auction. I saw, bid on and won this beautiful painting of a cow, who I named Esmerelda.

Susan and I have followed each other on social media ever since and I’m so delighted we’re working together on this project. We share similar beliefs and the same passion to bring in a compassionate world where animal exploitation is a thing of the past, and we both utilise our artistic gifts to share this vegan message.

You can see more of Susan’s work below and please support this amazing vegan goddess and animal rights artist:

Chasing waterfalls

I wanted to update you beautiful folk.

The album is sounding wonderful. I cannot wait to share the music with you in less than a months time. These pictures were taken during my video shoot for my song ‘Mother’ which will be released on the same day – 5th May 2022.

Please donate to the album crowdfunder if you can:

Or sharing my music with your friends and family is just as amazing and I am grateful to all of you who are supporting me on this journey. You are incredible, thank you.

Day of Happiness

I have been on such a big learning journey, especially over the last 6 months. One of the things I have realised is that people are very unhappy because of the way society dictates we live our lives. It has become my passion to increase happiness, because happy people don’t hurt other people, and happy people don’t want to hurt animals. I started my ‘Day of Happiness’ in December 2021 and it is now a monthly run event bringing my local community together with one goal in mind – increasing happiness levels individually and collectively.

As part of my UK album tour, I will be bringing my Day of Happiness on tour with me too, a day of physical and mental wellbeing, information and powerful knowledge.

I can’t wait to create happy moments with you all 💚

The Base Retreat Animal Sanctuary

What a pleasure and privilege to be invited to the Base Retreat Animal Sanctuary to play my songs and talk about my upcoming animal rights album. I was joined by my beautiful friend Jessica Diamond who you will hear on the album.

Epicness on home soil

The last two years have definitely made travel abroad more difficult. But it has made me do more exploring of the landscapes and scenery the UK has on offer. And oh my she doesn’t disappoint!! I am doing a scout of nationwide vegan venues for my upcoming summer album tour, and my search, due to a wedding gig on Saturday brought me to the East Coast this weekend.

Rehearsing with Jessica Diamond

Jessica Diamond is an amazing violinist and an incredible voice for the animals, regularly informing her followers (many of which are not yet vegan) about the realities of their choices and the effect these have on animals and our planet.

Here we are rehearsing the songs for the album. Alongside playing on the album, Jessica will also be joining me on the UK tour!! So bloody grateful – what a bright light she is 💜

Feel the magic

What a beautiful world we live in. I am grateful for these moments.

Furry Friends

On my walk with Zala and Simba this morning we met some beautiful furry friends along the way 💚 animals are bloody amazing.